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3D Studio VIZ
for Interior, Architectural, Exterior presentation

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The last decade or so has seen a lateral shift from hand-rendered drafting to CAD (“computer-aided design”) in many architectural companies. Today, it is rare to find construction documents being hand-drawn with parallel rule and triangle; even red-lining and marking has made the move to the PC.

With the current explosion in the use of, and interest in, 3D visualization; anyone who has to make aesthetic decisions in 3D will find computer visualization very effective in communicating design ideas. 

Who should Attend ?

The 3D StudioVIZ course is targeted at all levels of expertise, especially those learning & working in the Interior film or individuals keen to build up a firm foundation in 3D modelling and animation.

No previous experience with other 3D software is assumed. However some basic computer knowledge would be advantageous.

Course Coverage

3D StudioVIZ has great scope, far too much to be VIZ has vast scope, far too much to be covered in the extent of a single course. For 3D StudioMAX concentrates on the Movie & Games aspect of 3D:

  • Introduction to 3D & Overview
  • Working & drawing in Perspective
  • Understanding paramatric drawing
  • Drawing in 3D Studio
  • Modelling with Primitives
  • Object editing, Transforms & Modifiers
  • Boolean modelling
  • Creating & editing Lofted Objects
  • Scene composition
  • Working with Cameras & Viewpoints
  • Lights & scenic lighting
  • Materials & material mapping
  • Rendering
  • Basic Animations
  • Creating Walkthroughs & Flybys
  • Integrating AutoCAD with 3D StudioVIZ

Module Duration

Part Time:
12 lessons, 2 hours per session (once a week)

Course Fee : $550

Express: 8 lessons, 3 hours per session
Small group coaching, Flexible learning hours (can be specially arranged), Bilingual English & Mandarin course available.

Course Fee : $580

* All courses are subjected to $50.00 registration fee.


Students will be awarded a certificate upon attaining 80% attendance and completion of all classroom exercises and passing the exam.


Module Duration

Part Time :

Weekday After Session :
2.30pm to 5.30pm

Evening Session :
7.15 - 9.15 pm.

Sat & Sun :
2.pm to 5pm

All unsupervised pravised pratical times areflexible and be arranged.


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