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Adobe Illustrator
The tool for Desktop Publishing , Graphic & Web designing


Adobe Illustrator is a powerful vector-base software, it is an industry-standard illustration program for print multimedia and online graphics. Whether you're novice or an illustration expert, it offers you the tools you need to get professional quality results.

You will find Adobe Illustrator excels as an art production tool because it produce artwork for printing publishing, multimedia, graphics or creator of web page online. Illustrator gives you an unmatched level of precision and control over your artwork and flexibility to produce anything from small designs to large, complex projects.

Who should Attend ?

This course is suitable for those who are interested in digital printing design, publishing or graphic designing industry and individuals who wants to enhance their skills.

Course Coverage

  • Introduction & setting up artwork
  • Tools, palettes, layers
  • Drawing of lines, shapes, usage of brushes
  • Working with objects, transforming, applying of colours (fills and strokes)
  • Transparency, gradient and patterns
  • Typesetting
  • Working with Bitmap Images, special effect using filter (changing vector images into bitmap images)
  • Saving and exporting artwork - file format

- illustrations for commerical art, print media, tv headlines etc
- creating standard logo
- drawing graphs for report
- creating fine art artwork

Module Duration
Part Time :
Duration : 12 x 2 Hours
School Fee : S$480.00
Reg. fee : S$50.00
Notes Fee: S$10.00

Express: 8 lessons, 3 hours per session
(5 days per week / twice weekly)
Small group coaching, Flexible learning hours (can be specially arranged), Bilingual English & Mandarin course available.
School Fee: S$520.00
Reg. fee : S$50.00
Notes Fee: S$10.00

* All courses are subjected to $50.00 registration fee.

Students will be awarded a certificate upon attaining 80% attendance and completion of all classroom exercises and passing the exam.

Student's work

Module Duration

Express :

Weekday After Session :
2.30pm to 4.30pm

Sat & Sun :
2.30pm to 5.30pm

Part Time : 
Evening Session :
7.15 - 9.15 pm.
Weekday Express Courses
Adobe Indesign,
Photoshop & Illustrator

3 in 1 Course
18 lessons x 3 hours
S$ 1260.00
+ Reg.Fee : S$50.00
Course notes included

2 in 1 Course
12 lessons x 3 hour
S$ 910.00
+ Reg.Fee : S$50.00
Course notes included


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