Certificates Courses
Computer Graphic Design
Graphic Design I
Graphic Design II
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe PhotoShop
3D Studio Max
Cartoon Drawing
Certificate in
Webpage Design
Web Design
2D Animation
Certificate in
Desktop Publishing
  Certificate Courses
Interior Design
Residential Interior Design
Interior Design
Furniture Design
& Detailing
Exhibition & Display
Window Display
Building Model Making
AutoCAD 2D (Drafting)
AutoCAD 3D
Sketch-Up (3D )
3D Studio Max-
Interior Presentation
Architeectural Draughtsmanship
Certificates Short Courses
Our motives:
Learning the maximum , the fastest way,
in the shortest time !

This course is specially planned and designed for working peoples who wishes to grasp
the basics and fundamentals of Designs. It emphasizes on practical work, assignments
and projects and focuses on design and presentations.

Software Application Courses

These series of courses are aimed at designers and working executives who wished to upgrade their current skills or to further enhance their computer software knowledge in
their related fields. These software application courses can be mastered either through the
(i) Part-time Courses. (iii) Express Course, for busy people......

It has to be noted that the School teaches students not only on how to use the tools and software but on a greater note, how to apply their knowledge into their final design artwork.

Fine Art & Leisure Art Courses

The School offers a range of leisure courses like: Children Art, Secondary Art , Chinese Painting / Calligraphy , Western Painting, Sketching, Oil Painting, Acrylic Painting, Watercolour... aimed at people from all walks of life.

They are mostly taken for interest and for courses like that of Secondary Art, teachers will assist students in their preparation for their “O” levels

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